Carmen art


This website presents my style of painting and gives details of sizing, medium, cost and availability for each artwork. There are five main categories - Rottnest, Tropical, India, Mixed Themes and Semi-Abstracts. These contain subjects such as boats, figures, street scenes - a myriad of topics from my travels and experiences.

For regular updates of new work, inspiration, exhibitions, workshops, projects and thoughts, feel free to check out my blog.

My work is about the people and places that excite me. I am always looking out for images that make an impression so my camera is a useful tool for recording information.

Figures are inspiring as they show movement, emotion, and are part of a story. Places I have travelled to bring interesting aspects of life that are worth recapturing. They allow us to relive the memories of these experiences.

I am attracted to the beauty of all kinds like an old dinghy or a water lily garden.

Colour is a strong ingredient in my work. It is a sign of passion and the emotion that is associated with the artwork.

Most of my work is done in oil because its texture and vibrancy is so effective. Pastels are also beautiful to work with and give more subtle results.

Come away with me to places of dreams, where beauty surrounds you in all its forms and a mystical charm enters the soul. This website combines my love for colour, bronzed figures in exotic settings and a desire to escape to paradise on earth.



welcome to my website!!